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Serving Westchester, Rockland, and Bergen Counties and Long Island


WhizKidz Tutoring - Westchester
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Whiz Kids Tutoring

WhizKidz tutors are rigorously screened and matched to meet your child’s unique learning needs and abilities

WhizKidz Tutoring Services Include:

* All STEM subjects and Foreign Languages, Reading and Writing, PreK through Grade 12
* NY Common Core and Regents
* AP Advanced Placement Courses
* Midterms and Final Exams
* IEP, Executive Function Coaching, Speech & Language Therapy
* ISEE, SAT/ACT prep, SAT Subject Tests
* Organization, Time Management, Test Taking Strategies
* College counseling, essay and application help

Contact WhizKidz Westchester Expert tutors matched to your child’s needs

Boost your child’s grades and confidence

One-on-one, individualized instruction maximizes tutoring time and ensures that your child learns in the style and at a pace that’s just right for them. 

“WhizKidz did a great job understanding my daughter’s individual needs. Her tutors really cared about making sure she understood the material in a way that made it fun for her.”

~Mom of an 11th Grade Student~

Local, focused, top-notch tutors in Westchester County, NY

WhizKidz tutors live and teach throughout Westchester. They’re part of your community and familiar with local school districts’ and private schools’ curriculums in addition to NY’s K – 12 specialized requirements.

Tutors come to your house on your schedule so there’s always time to get your child the extra help they need.

Our tutors stress understanding concepts rather than memorizing facts and help build confidence in their students to provide the highest level of success.

"Our tutor went beyond her job of teaching. She complimented [our son and daughter’s ] abilities in such a way that they worked to their full potential.

I would recommend WhizKidz to any parent looking for a tutor - you won’t be disappointed!”

~Seb, Parent of 1st and 3rd Grade Students

WhizKidz has three local branches that match expert tutors to students of all ages and abilities across Westchester, Rockland and Bergen Counties, and on Long Island, NY.

In Westchester County, NY
Contact Erica Maltz: (914) 200-3512
[email protected]

Erica left her career in the Executive Search industry to chase her passion in education. She received her MSEd from Hunter College and taught elementary school in NYC and on Long Island. Erica founded WhizKidz Tutoring to help students of all ages gain confidence in themselves to successfully navigate and thrive in school. She is a mother of three school-aged children and can personally relate to the struggles that parents go through in educating their children.

"After speaking in detail about my son's learning style and needs, she quickly connected us with the absolute perfect match who not only met my son's academic learning needs, but personality as well. I highly recommend Erica and WhizKidz!" 

 ~Pam, mom of a 6th grade boy

"Erica works hard to find the right match for our children as their needs evolve over the school year. We have been extremely happy with the professionalism and expertise of each tutor we have met."

~Dana, Parent of 9th and 11th grade students

In Rockland and Bergen Counties
Contact Branch Manager, Jennifer Saltiel: (845) 202-0455
[email protected] 


Jennifer is an educator with 11 years of teaching experience. She has a MSEd in Elementary Education with a Special Ed extension from the College of New Rochelle. She uses her expertise in the education world and knowledge as a parent to help others successfully maneuver through their children's educational journeys.

On Long Island
Contact Branch Manager, Alyssa Maltz: (516) 210-6755
[email protected] 


Alyssa is an educator with 31 years of experience as a teacher and mentor to colleagues and students. She received her BS in Elementary Ed Grades K-6 from University of Maryland and MSEd from C.W. Post in Special Education Grades N-12. Alyssa is also the mother of three children and has helped them succeed through their grade school and college years. Alyssa matches WhizKidz's expert tutors to local students in private and public schools across Long Island.

Whiz Kids Tutoring



Westchester County: (914) 200-3512
Long Island: (516) 210-6755
Rockland / Bergen Counties: (845) 202-0455


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