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About NYMetroParents Publications

About NYMetroParents Publications

NYMetroParents, the parenting division of Schneps Media, publishes seven regional print magazines around the greater New York City metro region as well as the website Reaching more than 1 million local parents, NYMetroParents is the largest publisher of regional parenting content in the United States.

In print, on its website, and via social media and newsletters, NYMetroParents provides relevant, high-quality information to help local parents make better decisions. Among its the most popular features are the monthly calendar of local family activities, in print and online; listings of local kid-focused businesses and professionals, including schools, summer camps, birthday party venues, and after-school programs; and top-quality parenting news and advice on issues such as local kids’ activities, nutrition and health, education, and special needs.

History of NYMetroParents

Following the success of the first NYC parenting resource book, Big Apple Baby, Big Apple Parent was launched in 1985.

Filling the need parents had for hyper-local content, NYMetroParents created seven monthly magazines: Brooklyn Parent premiered in 1994; Queens Parent in 1995; Westchester Parent in 2000; Rockland Parent in 2007; Fairfield Parent (no longer published by Davler Media) in 2008; and Nassau Parent and Suffolk Parent in 2009. NYMetroParents merged with Long Island Parent magazine in 2012, and the latter two publications were rebranded as Long Island Parent - Nassau and Long Island Parent - Suffolk.

In 2013, a special Bergen County, NJ edition of Rockland Parent—Bergen•Rockland Parent—was also added into the mix.

After several years as the New York City affiliate for Disney's, NYMetroParents launched as its own parenting web resource in early 1999.

In October 2011, NYMetroParents launched its first-ever Special Parent magazine, a biannual publication dedicated to families of children with special needs. This magazine ceased publication in 2015, but NYMetroParents continues to produce high-quality special needs editorial content and directories in its regular monthly magazines and online.

Editorial Excellence

NYMetroParents consistently wins multiple awards for editorial excellence from the Parenting Media Association, including 9 in 2019, 8 in 20187 in 2017, and 10 in 2016.

In our magazines, and everyday on the website, readers can find:

In addition to our magazines and website, NYMetroParents connects with its audience on major social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter, and via weekly newsletters.

NYMetroParents magazines are audited. Our surveys show our readers rely on the information we provide every month, and that they hold onto our publications for up to a year, to use as reference tools.

NYMetroParents reaches local moms and dads with the sophistication and means to raise families and make better decisions in the greater New York area. NYMetroParents is THE parent-targeted market!

Now that you know all about NYMetroParents, meet our editorial staff!

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