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Judy Antell Articles

Liv a Little!

Young married couples often get a dog then decide to have a kid. Olivia Ma Corwin made a similar lea

Green and Noteworthy

The eco-conscious among us are looking for products with healthier and safer ingredients.

Safe Homes

Holly Robinson Peete, daughter of the Street’s Gordon, is carrying on Sesame Street’s educational mi

Slope-side Deals

Slope-side Deals

Skiing is not a bargain sport for you and your family to partake in, but there are some good deals.

Where to Stay in Cancun

There are low-cost places for spring breakers, adult-only sanctuaries for those without kids, and in

The Intrepid Reopens

The Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum is back home at Pier 86, with a completely new interior and ent

Two at One

Two different parent rockers return this fall.

Points and Rewards

You may have gotten through the toddler years without tantrums, but sometimes when a child becomes a

Murakami's World

Recently I was a bit surprised – and very pleased – when my 10-year-old daughter, Nora, announced th

In the Pink

Once you’ve seen a Broadway show, maybe bought the souvenir program and cast CD, your involvement en

Everything Horse

My 10-year-old daughter had been eagerly anticipating the opening of The Horse at the American Museu

Good grief! Greenwood?

A cemetery may seem an unlikely destination for a family outing, but Green-Wood Cemetery was once th

Into the Wild

With a past in travelling, Manhattanite Kourosh Mahboubian, a father of three, recently pioneered an

Disney Walks on Water

The Broadway version should please both fanatical devotees of the animated version and neophytes.

Dine and Date

New service takes care of the kids — and mom and dad

As Fresh As It Gets

Getting fresh, the parent’s lament, has taken on a whole new meaning in Park Slope. Two local women

Summing Up

11 of the 20 finalists were girls, with girls outnumbering boys for the first time as finalists. Coi

Jen’s New Role

Jennifer Garner has starred on screens big and small, and is set to make her Broadway debut (a strik

Mama Knows

When Andi Silverman was a new mom and had questions about breastfeeding, she couldn’t find a ‘user-f

Life After Tragedy

When Alissa Torres was seven-and-a-half months pregnant, her husband, Eddie, started a new job at th

Music Camp Open Call

Since 1999, Manhattan School of Music has been offering a special Summer Music Camp for New York Cit

Keri Gives it a Shot

Actress and new mom Keri Russell took steps to ensure her son, River Russell Dreary, would stay

Family Food Play

If you would vote for Martha Stewart for President and you devour Bon Appetit, you're probably al

Reliant on Technology

We used to get ready for car trips by packing snack bags of Cheerios and raisins, and by bringing al

Biker Oasis

One of the pleasures of Fire Island is the car-free bike riding. But you don’t have to schlep all t

Posing Play

Many kids’ yoga classes incorporate games. Long Island-based Katie Feldman has gone a few steps furt

The Cheese Stands Alone

The farmer in the dell may have disparaged cheese, but Vermont cheese makers are banding together in

Mets Go Citi

This is the last month of the season for the New York Mets, but forward-thinking fans are already pl

Take Your Child To Camp

My husband and I feel we have done well, raising a child who shares our sense of humor. So Hallie, n

Rocky Mountain Highs

Denver has the perfect blend of culture and the outdoors, in a setting that promises sunny days and

Brooklyn Wildllife

Wolves are rarely encountered on the streets of Brooklyn, but DUMBO resident John Rocco feels an aff

Life After School

Many parents enroll their children in afterschool programs, whether they work outside or inside the

Boost Your Kid!

Even 8-year-olds should be in booster seats in the car, safety experts urge.

Psychedelic Summer

It was a time of peace and love, flower power, feel-good drugs — and the end of an era. If you misse