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Top Tweets of the Week (Tuesday, April 2)

Hi, welcome to April! I couldn't post this feature on Monday like I usually do because yesterday was April Fools' Day, and everyone assumed everything on the internet was a complete lie. And mostly it was, which I hate, so I actually tried to avoid the internet all day yesterday (a difficult task, seeing as my job is literally...reading and writing on the internet). But anyway! Now it's Tuesday. And it's still the beginning of April, and here we all are together, and last time I wrote Tweet Beat I was complaining about the snow and now Passover and Easter have come and gone and my winter boots are in storage and I refuse to take them out again until next year and to be honest today it's actually pretty nice outside. So things are looking up, the future is bright, the world is our oyster, it's almost really truly spring and then summer! And y'all are hilarious and wise and wonderful, per usual. So let's get on with highlighting your best tweets, okay? Yes! Yes it is! Hallelujah! Happy National Poetry Month, folks! Don't forget to introduce your kids to poetry early...maybe via the Botanical Garden! Forget Murphy's Law, I think this must be Momma's Law... Hey, if your kid is yelling POOP MONSTER then I think thanking the appropriate people who made it happen is the right move ;) Haha, knowing your kid's limits is the sign of a great parent! Though if you could send some kale and cashew cheese my way, that sounds like a delicious lunch... Kids have the best ideas! I want to sit on the couch and eat pretzels all day. How To Take A Road Trip With Children -- this man speaks the truth. On a very serious note, this article is excellent and oh so timely. Also timeless. If you haven't checked out this site yet you absolutely must -- these kids really are heroes. I mean I think I can speak for all of us when I say, I'd totally watch that. Were your prayers answered?! Ahhh, living in NYC provides such special opportunities for parents ;) And then of course there are the not-so-great parts of city-living. Along with the...interesting...aspects of raising kids in the city. But there are two ways of looking at it, I suppose! Oh, did you need a daily dose of cute? Here ya go! And then the daily dose of honesty, straight from the mouths of babes...or the mouth of one babe, I guess. Can I use this as an excuse to host an impromptu midday dance party in MY office? There are no kids present but that's okay, right? I plan to channel this photo more often in my every day life. This was a really important tweet for me -- I think the reason I hate April Fools' Day so much is because a lot of "jokes" have the potential to really hurt people. Think before you prank (or just don't prank at all)! Finally, April is Autism Awareness Month, so we've gone blue on Twitter today -- and we encourage you to do the same! To learn more check out Autism Speak's website, and let's all lend our social media voices to raising awareness about autism. And speaking of autism, if you're the parent of a child with special needs, check out our Spring issue of Special Parent magazine, chock-full of resources, expert advice, personal stories and helpful products for kids with special needs and their family members. Let's really make this April count! Join us on Mondays for more Top Tweets. In the meantime, follow us @NYMetroParents for practical parenting advice, local events in the NY Metro area, exclusive deals and discounts, and occasionally hilarious staff banter. If you want us to consider your tweet for next week, tag it #nymptt; if you see a tweet that deserves a mention let us know.


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