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Teacher Appreciation Week: Why New York Parents Appreciate Their Kids' Teachers

Teacher Appreciation Week: Why New York Parents Appreciate Their Kids' Teachers

"This crisis has proved what we knew already: Teachers are driven by a mission to make our children not just smart, but also good-hearted."

After the unusual start to the 2020-2021 school year—and all the ups and downs and changes to schedules and procedures—parents everywhere are taking the time to appreciate their kids' teachers and recognize the hard work and dedication those teachers put in every day throughout the school year to encourage learning, facilitate social development, and be there in all kinds of ways for their students. Now more than ever, the hard work teachers are putting in to maintain some kind of normalcy in schooling throughout a very not-normal time—whether it’s with keeping kids socially distant and safe in the classroom, creating in-depth lesson plans for at-home learners to follow, or building comprehensive schedules—is immensely appreciated. To show our thanks during Teacher Appreciation Week, which falls on the first week of May every year, we asked parents throughout the New York area what they appreciate most about their children's teachers now more than ever. 



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Parents, what do you appreciate about teachers now more than ever?

“I am forever grateful and appreciative of teachers and tutors who were able to pivot and adapt a new way of teaching during the pandemic. Social-emotional learning, flexible thinking, connection with your students—you did it all. We see you. We value you. We thank you.” —Erica Maltz,, Westchester

“I'd say it's a three-way tie between their magical powers to keep the kids engaged online, their heaps of patience, and the genuine care that they have shown for our kids mental health and well-being.” ­—Beverly Chase, Brooklyn

“I appreciate my special education coordinator now more than ever because she ensures the teachers at our school are following all 504 plans and IEPs, making it easier for the students to transition between remote and in-person learning.” —Geanine Cilenti-Petraglia, @geaninecilenti, Bronx

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“I appreciate how they handled everything with calm, patience, no negativity, and resilience. I consider them essential heroes in my life as well for helping me to keep the children happy during this difficult period. School was really the only other ‘normal’ they had in their lives with everything else closed down and having to stay away from family and friends.” —Michelle Yannaco, Staten Island

“That they've been able to adapt to this new way of teaching so quickly while also juggling their own families that are also home.” —Shara Levine, Long Island

“We’ve all seen teachers adapting so quickly to this huge technology curve—they’ve had to be fast and flexible while still maintaining the 1-on-1 rapport with students, plus connection in and among the class. All that would be a challenge for anyone, and I think that my kids’ teachers—and all of New York’s amazing teachers—really rose to the occasion. In my book, they deserve an A plus!” —Kristen Glosserman, @KristenGlosserman, Manhattan

“My kids’ teachers have been so accessible! In the past I was hesitant to contact them, but throughout the pandemic they have made themselves totally available and open to hearing all of my concerns. I know how difficult this time has been for educators, so I really appreciate that they make the extra time for communication.” —Jeannine Cintron, Staten Island

“Their patience! I haven't heard my son’s teacher raise his voice once in eight months. On the first day, he wore a tie with a sloth on it, and he told the class that's how they were going to take it, nice and slow. He's amazing.” —Katherine Dykstra, @ktdsees, Brooklyn

teacher appreciation brian

"This crisis has proved what we knew already: that teachers are driven by a mission to make our children not just smart, but also good-hearted." —Brian, Upper East Side Dad

“What I appreciate the most about my kids' teachers now more than ever is how caring and loving they have been ever since remote learning has been implemented. Not all kids are made the same and I absolutely love how hard they are working to keep every child involved and feel recognized! This is exactly where and how you can see the passion with which they do their job and we feel very blessed and thankful!” —Pratima, Upper East Side Mom

“Their patience! As I think all parents have probably learned over the last few weeks and months, kids aren’t always in the mood for learning. Having the patience to work through the ups and downs and help them through the harder parts is a virtue. And to do it with 20+ kids all at once is practically a miracle. Thanks to all the teachers out there. Now and always.” —Lauren, Dix Hills Mom

teacher appreciation serena

“Kindergarten is such a hard grade to translate to remote learning. Our teachers have guided us into their worlds while also encouraging these young students to not lose their independence. Above and beyond with advice and encouragement, these teachers empower not only our children but our entire families. We appreciate their efforts and love that have always done above and beyond!” —Serena, Mineola Mom

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“The fact that they can keep our kids stimulated, happy, and interested for over 6 hours a day!” —Joelle Obsatz, Upper East Side Mom

“[My son’s] teachers are so accessible and not just for clarification on assignments, but also to talk about his strengths and challenges. They reach out, follow up, and show a deep concern for every student.” —Steve, Cobble Hill Dad

teacher appreciation elliot

“We always knew teachers worked hard, but now more than ever we can tell they truly do care about our kids and the daily feedback is appreciated by more than just the parents.” —Elliot Kloper, Upper East Side Dad

“I appreciate that my kids’ teachers are doing everything they can to make our kids independent learners. With busy work schedules, we were worried about how we will manage homeschooling. But our kid’s teachers have kept the deliverables and instructions simple and clear and have in turn helped not just the kids but also us parents cope in these uncertain times.” —Vinay, Suffern Dad

“The personalized attention they provide virtually as well as their calmness in this uncertain environment” —Lori, Upper West Side Mom

“I appreciate their patience more than ever! When I’m losing it left and right, my children’s teachers somehow keep their cool. As a result my kids are still really learning things, and they really really miss their teachers because mom is not cutting it.” —Emily Benson, Upper West Side Mom

teacher appreciation fran

"I definitely have a newfound appreciation for our teachers. They make learning fun and engaging, which is a talent, but also a result of years of training, They're the true pros! I wish I had their enthusiasm and patience when I try to make my daughter catch up on her overdue assignments." —Fran, New Rochelle Mom

"Teachers have the patience of saints and deserve tremendous praise for engaging our children long enough to get through common core lesson plan." —Kira, Sheepshead Bay Mom

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