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New 'Superpowered Metropolis' Exhibit Will Delight at Children's Museum of Manhattan

New 'Superpowered Metropolis' Exhibit Will Delight at Children's Museum of Manhattan

Superpowered Metropolis uses lovable pigeons to expand kids' minds.

The Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s new mind-stretching, interactive exhibit Superpowered Metropolis: Early Learning City™, which opened Feb. 14, encourages kids ages 1-6 to expand their executive functioning skills. Children are the heroes in a playful, 1,500-foot comic book version of New York City (the Metropolis) in which three genius pigeon mascots (Zip, Zap, and Zoom) help them improve their self-control, mental flexibility, and working memory (their superpowers).

The Superpowered Metropolis Exhibit

The Metropolis has eight stationary interactive installations, including Baby Grand Central Station, a mini learning hub for ages 2 and younger, which has climb-on trains, a starry sky, and sensory stations. The two-story Treehouse Headquarters is equipped with a map, telescope, periscope, and slide—and an amazing view! The Supercharged NYC Train Table is a colorful, multi-level representation of the NYC transportation system including tracks, tunnels, and waterways.

In the Musical Subway Car, handmade musical instruments mimic the sounds of the subways. Colorful flute-shaped tubes whisk scarves through the air at the Whimsical Wind Blowing Fountain, and the Brain Building Games Station features three games, that NYU’s Create Lab designed to train kids’ inhibition, mental flexibility, and memory.

Who Are Zip, Zap, and Zoom?

The friendly pigeon mascots who guide kids through this experience of learning are Zip, Zap, and Zoom. Zip is a calm coach who encourages “power pauses” or self-restraint, following directions, and taking turns. Zap is a witty thinker who is always at the ready and skillfully organizes and sorts information. Zoom is a curious inventor who can creatively solve problems. 

Kid-Favorite Parts of the Exhibit

Don’t miss the superpowered phone booth where your little one can receive a call from Zip, Zap, and Zoom. Also, make sure you drive the Pigeon Mobile—you’ll experience the sounds and smells of NYC while cruising around.

What to Know Before You Go

Did you know your child’s brain grows the fastest from birth through age 5!? You can pick up tips like this at every installation by choosing a card from the Zoom, Zip, or Zap mission. You can also find useful tips about the brain on VROOM. (Check out this app before you go to get a sense of the exhibit’s mission). It can also help you have a conversation with your child, so she knows what to expect when you visit. Finally, it’s best to wear socks and comfortable clothing because there are so many opportunities to climb structures and explore.

Tips for Getting to Children's Museum of Manhattan

Address: The Tisch Building, 212 W. 83rd St., Upper West Side

Hours: Tuesday-Friday and Sunday, 10am-5pm; Saturday, 1-7pm; Members-only hours: Wednesday, 9-10am and Sunday, 9-10am

Admission: $15; $12 seniors and visitors with disabilities; free for children younger than 1

More Info: 212-721-1223;

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