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Spy Museum Comes to Midtown Manhattan

Spy Museum Comes to Midtown Manhattan

Crack codes and more at this unique museum!

If you have a knack cracking codes or dodging lasers, than this museum is for you. Spyscape recently opened in midtown Manhattan and it features interactive exhibits and fun games for wannabe spies. This spy museum is great for kids and teens who want to learn a bit about this aspect of history and take on cool challenges.

The museum is divided up into special sections, each dedicated to one aspect of spy culture. They include Encryption, Deception, Surveillance, Hacking, Special Ops, and Intelligence. Each section has a special challenge at the end to test your spy skills. You might be asked to decode a message, spot a liar, or navigate a laser maze.

In addition to the fun challenges many historical artifacts are on view including ones from WWII. There are also props from the movie The Imitation Game and kids will be jazzed to learn that all of the spies they will be learning about really existed, such as the teenager who hacked the CIA or the woman who helped bring down Hitler. 

Throughout the museum you will be asked several questions at Question Stations which will be used to determine what type of spy you would suit you best. Simply swipe your identity band you were given when you entered to complete your spy profile.

At the end of the exhibit visitors will take a part in the special Spy Profile system which lets you know which field of spying is right for you. Different roles include CryptologistSpycatcherSpecial Ops Officer, and Analyst.

It should be noted that this museum is for older kids and teens and that it is not recommended for toddlers .

Spyscape is located at 928 Eighth Ave. It is open 7 days a week from 10am-8pm. Tickets are $39 for adults and $32 for kids ages 3-12.


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