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New Sharks Exhibit at AMNH Opening Soon to Fascinate Kids of All Ages

New Sharks Exhibit at AMNH Opening Soon to Fascinate Kids of All Ages

Get ready for some fierce fun and amazing adventure at the American Museum of Natural History's new exhibit, Sharks, opening this winter.

Think you know everything about sharks, the apex predators of the sea? Think again! The American Museum of Natural History's (AMNH) new exhibit, Sharks, aims to debunk common misconceptions about these magnificent creatures and impress shark lovers of all ages. The exhibit opens Dec. 15 and will feature dozens of life-size shark models ranging from the enormous megalodon to the adorably tiny pocket shark that fits in the palm of your hand!

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What to experience at AMNH's new Sharks exhibit

According to scientists at the museum, sharks face more dangers from humans than we do from them. They are more threatened, than threatening. At the new Sharks exhibit, you'll learn about the conservation issues facing sharks today, including overfishing and habitat destruction. You'll also discover amazing facts about the ancient megalodon, torpedo ray, great whites, tiger sharks, the dwarf lantern shark (that actually glows in the dark!) and many other species through fun and awe-inspiring displays and experiences that showcase shark diversity, anatomy and behavior. Exhibit highlights include:

  • A Shark Parade: Venture through a spectacular “parade” of more than 30 life-like models that range in size from 5 inches to a whopping 33 feet in length. 

  • Fossils: See real animal fossils from the museum's extensive collections and current research. 

  • Interactive Hunting: Visitors can take part in an immersive challenge to hunt like a hammerhead, a species named because of the unique structure of their head (think Anchor from “Finding Nemo”)!

  • Media Presentations: Just wave your hand over these touch-free media stations to uncover fascinating traits and facts about sharks. 

Sharks is curated by John Sparks, curator in the museum’s Department of Ichthyology in the Division of Vertebrate Zoology. 

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What You Need to Know About Visiting Sharks at the American Museum of Natural History 

Where is the museum located?

The American Museum of Natural History is located in New York City at 200 Central Park West

When is the new exhibit, Sharks, open?

The exhibit opens Dec. 15. It will be open during regular museum hours: Wednesday-Sunday, 10 am–5:30 pm. The Museum is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How much is admission to the Sharks exhibit?

General Admission Plus One includes general admission plus one special exhibition, giant-screen 2D or 3D film, or Space Show: $28 (adults), $22.50 (students/seniors), $16.50 (children ages 3-12).  Reservations required. 

What are the American Museum of Natural History's current COVID guidelines?

In accordance with the New York City vaccination requirement, visitors ages 12 and older must be vaccinated against COVID-19 to enter the Museum and show proof of vaccination. Personal identification is required for visitors ages 18 and over. Visit the website for more information about these and other health and safety protocols.

For more information, visit the website or follow the museum on Facebook or Instagram.

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