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15 Baby Names Inspired by New York City

15 Baby Names Inspired by New York City

The city never sleeps, and now you won’t either!

Hometown love is real, especially if you’re from New York City.  From I <3 NY T-shirts to pizza loyalists, NYC has a devoted fan club of natives and non-natives alike.  If you go hard for the city that never sleeps you might consider giving your son or daughter a NY-inspired name. With historical landmarks to awesome street names to pick from, the options are limitless. Here are our picks for the best baby names inspired by New York City:

  1. Waverly – For your future NYU grad!
  2. Bryant – This sophisticated name is inspired by the Midtown park, also known as Manhattan’s Town Square.
  3. Hudson – This works for a boy or girl and whenever you’re driving down the West Side Highway you can show him or her their river!!!
  4. Delancey – If you love the Lower East Side, this is a perfect pick for your baby.
  5. Carnegie – From music halls, to giant pastrami sandwiches, to your kid, it doesn’t get much more New York than this name.
  6. Brooklyn – Probably the most popular of the bunch, it can also be used for a boy or girl and will definitely give your baby the appropriate street cred.
  7. Clinton -  With ties to Hell’s Kitchen and the Lower East Side this name is quintessential NYC.
  8. Lorimer – True Brooklynites will recognize the significance of this name.
  9. Chelsea – A beautiful name for a girl to match the beautiful west side neighborhood.
  10. Sullivan – This name belongs to a famous bakery and perhaps your adorable baby!
  11. Prince – For shopping lovers, this is the perfect name inspired by the SoHo street.
  12. Carmine – This is one of the City’s smaller streets but it makes for an adorable baby name.
  13. Madison – Remember Splash? This name was literally inspired by a street sign. And yes, Tom Hanks, it is a name!
  14. Ellis – Let New York and American history be the inspiration for this strong name.
  15. Lenox – For those uptown babes.
  16. And one more just for fun…… Yankee – because there’s nothing that invokes more New York pride than the Bronx Bombers!


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