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New Minecraft and Circuitry Summer Camp Teaches Kids about Electricity at Robofun

New Minecraft and Circuitry Summer Camp Teaches Kids about Electricity at Robofun

The camp allows kids to explore using electricity to build whole towns through the popular game Minecraft.

On June 17, Robofun launched Minecraft and Circuitry, a brand new summer camp program that allows kids to design electric circuits, light up buildings, and discover the various exciting properties of electricity using the popular software Minecraft. The camp is open to students in grades 3-6. Sessions ran from 1-4pm Monday-Friday until August 30.

Established in 1998 by a Harvard graduate and collaborator of the renowned MIT Media Lab, Robofun provides numerous hands-on opportunities for kids ages 3-12 to explore the world of STEM. Through its parent company Vision Education & Media, it offers in school and after school programs in more than 100 schools in New York City. Available programs include Coding and Video Game Design for students in pre-kindergarten to second grade, Circuits, Science, and Making for grades 2-7, and Robotics for kids in kindergarten to eighth grade. Robofun also offers STEM curriculum training to teachers and educators as well as private lessons and STEM-themed birthday parties. Above all else, Robofun is committed to fostering creativity, curiosity and critical thinking skills, all in a fun, age-appropriate environment. 

Students of all skill levels can enjoy the Minecraft and Circuitry summer camp program. Kids do not have to be familiar with Minecraft to participate. Using the platform’s creative mode, which contains no fighting, games or levels to pass, campers will design machines, buildings, subway systems and even entire towns based on architecture from their own cultural background. Then, using the platform’s built-in circuitry program Redstone, they will construct electrical systems to power their creations. 

“What’s most exciting about this program,” says Noah Diamond, Onsite Program Manager at Robofun, “is that Minecraft is such a beloved and easy platform to access, so the learning comes easy.”

Students also have the chance to work on hands-on projects with real life wires and motors. Through Robofun, electricity comes to life. For more information on the Robofun Minecraft and Circuitry camp, contact 212-245-0444 or visit

Main Image: Robofun provides numerous hands-on opportunities for children ages 3-12 to explore the world of STEM. Courtesy Robofun

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