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Chief Medical Officer Comments on Recent Autism Research

Chief Medical Officer Comments on Recent Autism Research

MitoMedical’s chief medical officer, Suzanne Goh, M.D., M.B.A., shares her thoughts on new research regarding children with autism spectrum disorder.

is a manufacturer of all-natural dietary supplements with a focus on mitochondrial function. The company was founded in 2012 by chief executive officer Michelle Hasson. Her son‘s autism diagnosis served as a motivation for MitoMedical to develop products that would improve the health of children and adults.

MitoMedical has focused considerable research and development towards helping the special needs community with the production of MitoSpectra, a dietary supplement for children and adults to improve mitochondrial function.

Recent research on children with autism spectrum disorder notes increased recognition that mitochondrial dysfunction is related to autism, and empirical support for common mitochondrial treatments.  

“MitoSpectra is a product that we have developed specifically to help improve mitochondrial function and health,” says Suzanne Goh, M.D., M.B.A., chief medical officer of MitoMedical. 

If parents suspect their child might have autism, Dr. Goh suggests, “one of the first tests their physician should order is a blood and urine test to check for mitochondrial dysfunction.”

If a positive diagnosis for mitochondrial dysfunction is given parents can utilize therapies, such as vitamins and other nutrients to improve the function of the mitochondria, says Dr. Goh.

“When layered in with other therapies that deal with sensory and motor function, language and cognitive abilities and behavior—tremendous results can be achieved,” says Dr. Goh. “Parents should look for a team of providers that specialize in autism, that work closely as a team to provide an integrated program across all of these important categories.” This is the type of program that Dr. Goh provides at Pediatric Neurology Therapeutics, her practice in San Diego. 

Hasson is a senior leader with more than 20 years of experience in analyzing markets, examining prospective technologies, and developing business plans in relationship to health care. Dr. Goh is a board-certified pediatric neurologist with expertise in the evaluation and treatment of children with autism and other neurological conditions.

Main image: Suzanne Goh, M.D., M.B.A., is the chief medical offer of MitoMedical.
Courtesy MitoMedical

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