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How to Improve Children’s Behavior By Boosting Their Self-Esteem

How to Improve Children’s Behavior By Boosting Their Self-Esteem

Kids with a higher sense of self-esteem behave better and thrive more than kids with lower self-confidence. Here's how to build your child's sense of self worth. 

By Melissa A. Kay

As parents, we want our kids to feel they are important and to know how valuable they are as individuals. Self-esteem is something children need to have within themselves from a young age in order to develop with confidence and grow into successful adults. Without self-esteem and self-worth children may be more susceptible to develop behavioral issues at home and in school. Children with high self-esteem tend to be happier, better adjusted, and therefore less likely to act out in negative ways.

As per Kids Health, “Kids who have healthy self-esteem tend to:

  • feel valued and accepted
  • feel confident that they can do what's expected
  • feel proud of a job well done
  • think good things about themselves
  • feel prepared for everyday challenges.” 

With these important attributes, these kids will behave better than kids who feel insecure, are critical of themselves, or exhibit self-doubt. When a child feels good about himself or herself, the confidence radiates from the inside out. 

Take the time to sit with your child each day for one-on-one conversations with age-appropriate topics and advice. Stay positive in order for your child to feel comfortable trusting you and opening up about even the most difficult subjects. If you give the child an outlet to communicate, the issues will not become bottled inside and then acted out on in a negative way. Encouragement and compassion are the keys to keeping your child on the up and up. 

No matter the issue, becoming angry or dismissive may further the chances that your child will misbehave. Children are constantly learning and improving, and as parents, we must lead by example and with forgiveness. If punishment for poor behavior is necessary, be sure the child knows what they did was wrong and how to do better the next time. Allow the child to ask questions and have the chance to show they can turn their behavior around.

At All My Children Daycare and Nursery Schoolswe can always notice the happiness of a child when he or she comes to school saying "My mom was so proud with my art, etc.," and how such a small act reflects so meaningfully on the child’s behavior.

“Children with high self-esteem exhibit social maturity and good behavior, while children with low self-esteem are often stubborn,” The Bump notes. Kids with high self-esteem are generally more responsible and positive, while kids with low self-worth may get into trouble, lack respect, or behave in ways that are detrimental or harmful to themselves and those around them.

Parents can help their children raise their self-esteem and teach them how important they are. Giving your child encouragement and praise is a great way to reinforce good behavior. Rather than criticizing poor behavior, teach your child why what they have done is not acceptable and help them find a new solution. 

See what your child excels in and support his or her hobbies and interests. Encourage them to interact with friends and meet new ones. Be sure you exhibit signs of high self-esteem as well so your child learns from your example. Don’t put yourself down in front of your child or be too hard on yourself. This will show your child that it is OK to make mistakes and even fail, and it doesn’t take away from the wonderful person they are as long as they try their best. 

With high self-esteem, your child will be prepared for the challenges they will face and react positively and productively without resorting to poor behavior. 

For more information like this, please visit All My Children’s blogs. 

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