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The 2018 Gerber Baby Announced

The 2018 Gerber Baby Announced

...and he is extra special!

Lucas Warren, an 18-month-oldfrom Dalton, Georgia was just named the 2018 Gerber Baby. Lucas is the first baby with down syndrome to win the contest since it started 91 years ago.

"Every year, since the beginning of the Gerber Baby Photo Search, we choose the baby who exemplifies Gerber's longstanding heritage of recognizing that every baby is a Gerber baby, and Lucas is a perfect fit," Kristin Wooten, a spokeswoman for Gerber, told CNN.

Over 140,000 entered the contest and lucky Lucas was picked for the $50,000 prize and a chance to represent the brand through out the year.

"He may have Down syndrome, but he's always Lucas first," said his mom, Cortney, on the Today Show. "He's got an awesome personality and he goes through the milestones of every child... we're hoping when he grows up and looks back on this, he'll be proud of himself and not ashamed of his disability."

"We're hoping this will impact everyone — that it will shed a little bit of light on the special needs community and help more individuals with special needs be accepted and not limited," dad Jason Warren said, on the Today Show. "They have the potential to change the world, just like everybody else."

Way to go, Lucas! You're one cute kid!


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