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City Parks Foundation’s PuppetMobile Launches Puss in Boots

City Parks Foundation’s PuppetMobile Launches Puss in Boots

NYC kids are in for a treat with the launch of City Parks Foundation’s newest CityParks PuppetMobile original production, Puss in Boots, debuting May 2nd at Kaiser Park in Brooklyn, NY and running through this fall at locations throughout the city, according to a release from the Foundation.

One of the only mobile puppet theaters in the country and the oldest continually operating company of its kind, City Parks Foundation’s PuppetMobile brings free traveling entertainment to over 20,000 New York City children each year. The PuppetMobile is part of City Parks Foundation’s arts programming, which engages children and their families in the world of arts and culture. All shows are free of charge to the general public and no reservations are necessary.

Puss in Boots is a modern twist on the classic “Puss in Boots” fairytale, which follows the life of a young man named Ferguson Mundingle. Fergus has just the bare essentials in life, including his ever faithful pet cat. One day when lamenting his poor lifestyle, Fergus is stunned when his cat stands up, begins talking and introduces himself as Puss. Puss reveals to Fergus that he is very intelligent and well-traveled, and even has an idea to help Fergus improve his situation. With that in mind, Puss dons a snazzy pair of boots and sets off on an exciting magical journey.

The CityParks PuppetMobile production features one-of-a-kind marionettes hand-crafted by the expert puppeteers from the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre in Central Park.

“We are thrilled to be debuting our brand new production, Puss in Boots, in neighborhood parks across the five boroughs,” said Bruce Cannon, artistic director of the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre. “Our fresh, lively take on this beloved classic is sure to entertain and delight PuppetMobile audiences across the city.”

Puss in Boots was written and directed by longtime Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre puppeteer, Douglas Russell Strich. The show will run from May to early fall 2016. To find out more information on the date, time and locations of all performances visit the City Parks Foundation website at

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