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Birthday Notes to Her Little Boy by Nater Tot

Long Islander mom blogger Amber writes letters to her son Nate to mark the milestones in his life, from half-birthday reflections to a two-and-a-quarter years celebration, on her site Nater Tot. Each detailed letter, which has become a tradition, shares Nate's ever-evolving personality, writing into history the little things that may otherwise fade from memory.
Dear Nate,
When I was filling out the paperwork for school, I came to a section which asked about your strengths and weaknesses. I had a hard time with the section because there was only a tiny space for your strengths and I couldn't think of anything to put down for your "weaknesses." So I attached a 3-page addendum for your strengths (just kidding, I put "communication skills" and had to write really small to fit it in) and asked Daddy to help me think of a weakness. He was no help. [caption id="attachment_4591" align="alignright" width="335"]Read more at Nater Tot Read more at Nater Tot[/caption] Now, don't get me wrong, we know that no one is perfect. But I just wouldn't call any of the challenges we face while parenting you a "weakness." They tend to fall into two categories:
  • Personality traits that make you a tough nut to crack when it comes to developing and maintaining healthy sleep habits and
  • traits you have because you're 2 years old.
As far as the first goes, you are persistent, extremely active, full of energy, and sensitive to changes in your sleep routine. I wouldn't call any of those weaknesses. Those are strengths. And as far as the latter goes - do you get frustrated when you can't accomplish your goals - especially when they relate to your independence? Sure.
Do you whine sometimes? Of course. Can you always control your impulses? Nope. Do you test me? Absolutely. But none of these are character traits that I would define as a weakness. You behave this way because you're 2.
So I guess for weaknesses, I'm just going to put: "Two years old."


Amber strives to provide a non-toxic environment for her family and provides suggestions of great non-toxic gifts for kids in a gift guide. She is a big proponent of teaching babies sign language - Nate started signing at 10 months after beginning to learn it at 4 months. She also works as a baby/toddler sleep consultant with The Baby Sleep Site. Amber and her husband are raising their family on Long Island.


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