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Lice Removal Services in Fairfield County, CT

These lice removal specialists in Fairfield County, Connecticut, offer both salon and in-home services for kids and families.

Happyheads Services, LLC
Pleasantville, NY; house calls to multiple regions

Located in Pleasantville, Happyheads offers a family kit for $60 packed with a comb and enough products for a family of four, plus a line of prevention products for under $20. Although the company provides occasional in-home removal services for $100 per hour, their main focus is on the products for people who don't want or can't afford professional removal services.


Larger Than Lice
New York metro area

With in-home services offered seven days a week, Larger Than Lice offers head checks for $35 (fee is waived if lice is detected and treatment service is provided) and lice removal services using all-natural products. Lice removal ranges in price from $150 to $250 depending on hair length. To set up an appointment, visit: largerthanlice.com or call to speak with an expert.


Lice Beaters
All five boroughs, Westchester, Rockland, Nassau, Suffolk, and Fairfield, CT

Lice Beaters' New York franchise travels throughout the greater New York metro region. The $250 per hour price tag includes two technicians that work simultaneously to quickly remove the lice and nits from each family member's head. To set up an appointment, visit www.licebeaters.com or call the number listed for your area.


Lice Off, Inc.
Dobbs Ferry; house calls to multiple regions

Services start at $70 per hour in the salon and $100 per hour for travel-required services. In a recommended one-week follow-up, visual lice checks under the magnification lamp start at $20, and comb-outs at $35 depending on length and thickness of the hair. A full list of services is available on their website.


Lice Treatment Center

Monroe, CT
888-LICE-AWAY (542-3292)

The only pediatrician-owned and operated service, the LTC offers $75 head checks and $125 per hour treatments at their Monroe, CT and Upper East Side offices. In-home treatment includes use of their own Jolis Cheveux products and costs $125 per hour. Clients may opt for an additional home cleaning service for a flat rate dependent on the size of the house. The lice treatment and prevention products are sold in drug stores and pharmacies in locations throughout New York and Connecticut.


NY Lice Out
Brooklyn; house calls to multiple regions
(888) LICE-OUT

For a flat rate of $100-$200, customers receive a 99.9%-effective head cleaning and are entitled to a follow-up and recheck. House calls to other parts of New York and to Connecticut, depending on the distance from the Brooklyn-based location, cost an additional $100-$150, and the staff assists with home cleaning prevention and maintenance.



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