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Purchase College SUNY Summer Youth & Precollege Programs in the Arts

735 Anderson Hill Rd.

Purchase, NY



Students are inspired by our scenic 500-acre campus and are able to experience Purchase College while enjoying an outstanding education in their areas of interest and working with other students who share a passion for the arts.


Students study with accomplished artists and experienced educators who are assisted by teacher’s assistants (TAs)—undergraduates most often majoring in the program’s discipline—in programs where the student-to-staff ratio is no more than 10:1.


Summer students are introduced to the impressive resources available to Purchase College undergraduates such as the Conservatory of Music’s practice rooms, the actors’ studios, professional film editing software, and resources specifically geared to the demands of professional design and art making.


Each program concludes with a performance, exhibit, reading, film screening, or other culminating event for families and friends to showcase the skills that they have learned.

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For more than 40 years, these programs have been much more than camps. Summer students from grades 4-12 learn new skills in a rich environment full of exciting beginnings, new friends and achievements, growth and independence.