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30 ‘Would You Rather’ Questions For Kids, Tweens, And Teens

30 ‘Would You Rather’ Questions For Kids, Tweens, And Teens

Get conversations with your kids started by asking them one of these ‘would you rather’ questions.

Would you rather sit in silence, or learn something new about the little one in your life? ‘Would you rather’ questions not only give kids the chance to opine, but they also help you discover the inner workings of their minds. They’re also great conversation starters for when you’re in the car running an errand, going for a walk, eating dinner together, or just passing the time. Whether your kid is 4 or 14, we have the ideal ‘would you rather questions’ for kids to grow their brain, unleash their imagination, and just have fun.

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Ages 4-6

1. Would you rather always be hot or always be cold?

2. Would you rather live on a boat or inside a castle?

3. Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or a pet dragon?

4. Would you rather walk on the surface of the moon or along the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

5. Would you rather have doughnuts at every breakfast or hot dogs at every dinner?

6. Would you rather be a prince/princess or president of the United States?

7. Would you rather have a fort made entirely of Magna-Tiles or have toys that could talk?

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Ages 7-9

8. Would you rather spend the night at the American Museum of Natural History or the Metropolitan Museum of Art?

9. Would you rather go to school at Hogwarts to learn to be a magician or the Jedi Praxeum to learn to be a Jedi?

10. Would you rather play for the Yankees or headline a Broadway show?

11. Would you rather drive the subway or pilot the Staten Island Ferry?

12. Would you rather be able to freeze time or travel anywhere in the world instantaneously?

13. Would you rather tickle a cockroach or hug a snake?

14. Would you rather have to skip everywhere you go or walk everywhere backwards?

Would You Rather Questions for Kids Ages 10-12

15. Would you rather eat the same thing every day or never get to go on the Internet again?

16. Would you rather have someone do all your chores or do all the homework for your least favorite subject?

17. Would you rather have to go to school in your pajamas for a day or write a poem and then read it over the loudspeaker during the first period?

18. Would you rather live on the top floor of the Empire State Building or inside the Statue of Liberty?

19. Would you rather have to sing everything you say or say everything twice?

20. Would you rather be able to breathe underwater or be able to lift anything over your head?

21. Would you rather work at a puppy store or at a panda rescue center?


Would You Rather Questions for Kids Ages 13+

22. Would you rather know the answer to every riddle or the lyrics to every song?

23. Would you rather win an Academy Award or a Nobel Prize?

24. Would you rather remember every single thing you’ve ever read or every single thing you’ve ever done?

25. Would you rather be able to speak every language in the world or be able to communicate with animals?

26. Would you rather reveal something you’ve never told anyone before on TikTok or have your head shaved on

27. Would you rather be able to read other people’s thoughts or control other people’s actions?

28. Would you rather be able to travel to any point in the past or any point in the future?

29. Would you rather go without your cellphone for a day or have your cellphone but not be able to access any apps?

30. Would you rather only have access to Amazon Prime or only have access to Netflix?

To make things more interesting and get everyone moving, you can even turn would you rather questions into an exercise game, like Fix and Play does here:






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