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Urban Air Indoor Adventure Park Opens in Lake Grove

Urban Air Indoor Adventure Park Opens in Lake Grove

This space has way more than just trampolines.

Dave Wolmetz and Keith Handler have known each other for decades, but just dreamed up Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure within the last 18 months. The native Long Islanders realized the island needed a space for families to get off their cell phones, get active, and have fun all year round–and one that included more than just trampolines. Urban Air opened in November in Lake Grove, very close to the Smith Haven Mall. The Long Island space will join a franchise with locations in Florida, Texas, and beyond.

“We’re not a trampoline park–we’re an adventure park,” Handler says. “We have trampolines, but we also have a sky rider—a zipline that has kids flying all over the park 30 feet in the air–and a High Ropes suspended obstacle course, a Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course, bumper cars that send other cars into uncontrollable spins, and more. For toddlers there’s a huge indoor playground called The Tubes–row upon row of indoor climbing and obstacle courses with a maximum height, so there won’t be any teenagers running through it knocking little kids down.”

Urban Air differentiates itself from other adventure parks on Long Island, Wolmetz and Handler say, because families can have fun all year round, rain or shine–and instead of buying time like at other parks, you buy access to attractions that have no time limit. Platinum access to all attractions is $37.99 per child. Parent passes also allow parents to join their kids at any level of fun for $6.99.

“We wanted to get kids out and active, instead of on their devices or sitting in front of TVs,” Wolmetz says. “We wanted to create a family oriented destination on Long Island so people can get out and active. We know there’s a need for this type of activity platform.”

Image courtesy Urban Air

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