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The Learnatory Plans Move to St. Joseph’s College and Adds Courses

The Learnatory Plans Move to St. Joseph’s College and Adds Courses

Kids can now explore nanotechnology, microbiology and more in state-of-the-art facilities at St. Joseph’s College.

Students who want to explore fascinating, high-level subjects outside of the classroom will be heading to The The Learnatory in Clinton Hill in June. Now, thanks to St. Joseph’s College, Learnatory students will be able to use state-of-the-art computers to explore STEAM-focused classes, with the goal of exploring potential college majors and creating multimedia projects. 

New courses, which will be offered this summer beginning June 27 for children entering second grade through 10th grade, include nanotechnology microbiology, video game design, spa science, and culinary arts. The classes will also be part of the weekend program available in the fall. Executive Director Debra Thompson explained that last year, The Learnatory evaluated its curriculums and realized it could develop unique courses no other supplemental education organization offers–if in the right facility.

“In the past, we’ve brought our own computers and laptops, and ours are not as powerful as the ones currently established in the 30-seat computer lab that we will have access to at St. Joseph’s,” Thompson says. “So we are extremely grateful to be in that wonderful facility on a picturesque campus with state-of-the-art labs that will allow us to bring our students more courses, more complex courses, than we’ve been able to offer in the past.”

Expanding into this computer lab gives Learnatory students the opportunity to explore more, learn more, and to prepare for college. Each student focuses on one pathway of study, similar to a major, and their classes can reach a level where they are ultimately exempt from certain introductory STEAM classes at college. Throughout their time at The Learnatory, students will learn collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving skills.

“Today there are literally 1.2 million jobs unfilled in our country due to the lack of skills in STEAM. We’re working to ensure that our students are prepared for those jobs that didn’t even exist ten years ago,” Thompson says. “Their jobs are going to depend upon those STEAM careers, those STEAM skills, and just the way things are changing and their ability to adapt.

Main Image: A fifth-grader learns about flight and aviation using a professional flight simulator in preparation for her actual maiden flight in a Cessna 170 with The Learnatory.

Image courtesy The Learnatory.

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