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Where to Find the Best Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

Where to Find the Best Creative Writing Prompts for Kids

These writing prompts for kids will help get the imaginative juices flowing and help them strengthen their creative writing skills. By Shana Liebman

Whether your child is in a remote learning program or not, practicing creative writing at home is a great way to encourage imagination and strengthen their spelling, grammar, and comprehension skills. These five websites are a great place to find writing prompts for kids, as well as writing guidance and tips. Sometimes just the smallest spark will encourage kids to go wherever their imaginations take them., so we’ve pulled out our favorite writing prompts from each to get you both started:

Writing Prompts for Kids by Book Riot

The largest independent editorial book site in North America publishes all kinds of media, from podcasts to newsletters to original content, including a creative list of 20 writing prompts for kids which will catapult them into their own fictional worlds. There’s also a list of books about writing to help your kids improve their skills.

“You find out that a dragon lives under your house. How did it end up there?’’

“You’re home alone and there’s a knock on the door. Who is it and what do they want?”

“Write down the most disgusting recipe you can think of. Include ingredients and how to make it.”

You and your family spent all afternoon baking a cake. In the evening, as you sneak to the kitchen to take a piece, the cake is missing! The only thing left is the plate the cake was on, and crumbs. Who took the cake, and how did they take it without anyone seeing it?”

“You live on planet Earth now, but you come from far away, from a planet you can see up in the sky out of your bedroom window on a cloudless night. Tell me about your home planet and the people who inhabited it. If you feel creative, write about how you arrived on planet Earth and all that happened up to this point.

Writing Prompts for Kids by Think Written

This site has all the resources your kids will need to start writing.  It also will help keep your little writers motivated, focused, and inspired. Its thorough list of 300 fun writing prompts for kids will get them writing different genres.

“Write a short story about what it might be like if you woke up one morning with a mermaid tail.”

“Which is better, winter or summer? Write about the reasons why you think winter or summer is better.”

“Write a story using these five words: apple, train, elephant, paper, banjo.”

“Write about a time you felt really happy. What happened? What made you feel happy?”

“Write a story about flying to outer space and discovering a new planet.”

Writing Prompts for Kids by Scholastic

Kids can start their own writing adventure by choosing a theme: adventure, fantasy, or sci-fi. Next they enter a grade-leveled area and spin a slot machine with four wheels which crank out a genre, adjective, protagonist, and plot. The ‘story starters’ can get silly, which kids will love.

“Write a movie idea about an adventurous champion who is the leader of fairies.”

“Write three questions about a slippery fish who digs for gold.”

“Write three birthday wishes for a dotted carrot who spends the night at a zoo.”

“Describe a movie you would make about a smiling whale who stars in a play.”

“List three things you would like to say to a cheerful lion tamer who wins every game at the fair.”

Writing Prompts for Kids by Thought Co.

This expert-created education site features a list of simple starters which are categorized by elementary school grades 1-5.

“My biggest goal in life is...”

“The best book I ever read was...”

“The happiest moment in my life was when…

“When I grow up, I want to...”

These writing prompts will embolden kids to write about themselves and their lives. Also check out the list of journal prompts and ideas for writing about important people in history like Martin Luther King Jr.

Writing Prompts for Kids by Reedsy

This professional website, that helps adult writers with their work and careers, has a great blog with over thirty writing prompts for kids.

“Write a story about an average day turned upside down by an unexpected visitor.”

“Write a story about an eventful evening of trick-or-treating.”

“Write about a story of an unlikely friendship”

“Write a short story about someone experiencing their first winter.”

“Write a story about an animal who goes on a journey.”

If your child is looking for more structure in improving his writing skills, consider one of these awesome online creative writing courses:


This voluminous marketplace offers a wide range of kids’ classes from baking to coding to a Unicorn Adventure Club. And there are plenty of exceptional writing classes—including skills for professional or school writing, as well as creative writing prompts and clubs. There are also classes on character building, story development, and blog-writing. Some classes meet only once while others are ongoing. Search the diverse listings by age group and time frame. You won’t be disappointed by the variety or quality.

Writopia Lab

This non-profit organization runs creative writing workshops (as well as private sessions) for kids ages 6-18, which are led by a published author or produced playwright. Fifty percent of its students attend on full or partial scholarships and many have won some of the most prestigious awards in the nation. Its online courses include memoir, playwriting, graphic novels, essay writing, and even photojournalism. Teachers will keep kids apprised of opportunities for journal submissions and competitions.


In addition to courses in just about every subject, Coursehorse offers quite a few creative writing videos and writing prompts for kids. Its fall listings include several screenplay writing classes, as well as specific age-targeted creative writing, essay writing, and a class on Shakespeare. Most classes are 5-10 sessions each. While these classes were originally designed to be held in specific locations, they are now all virtual, which makes them available to much wider range of little minds.

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