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A Unicorn Horn Store Will Open Soon in Park Slope

A Unicorn Horn Store Will Open Soon in Park Slope

Opening May 6, Brooklyn Owl will sell handmade unicorn horns and guide customers through a magical transformation.

Have you ever wished you could be a unicorn? Well you're in luck—a visit to Brooklyn Owl's brick-and-mortar store on Flatbush Avenue in Park Slope is all it takes.

Upon entering the store, customers will be presented with a list to help them transform into the mythical creature. At the end of the journey, the once humans—now unicorns—will look into a magic mirror that will light up and congratulate them, reports DNAinfo.

With unicorn-inspired beverages popping up left and right, the timing of this whimsical Park Slope store seems pretty perfect. But there is deeper experience to be had at the shop, beyond an Instagram-worthy opportunity, according to its co-owner.

unicorn instructions on the wall of brooklyn owlCourtesy Michelle Danahy

To become a unicorn at Brooklyn Owl, one just needs to follow the instructions. 

"The Brooklyn Owl shop isn't just a store, it's a place to build confidence and encourage imagination," says co-owner Annie Bruce, who has been told that the store is "an encouraging and happy place to be."

The Park Slope mom founded Brooklyn Owl as a company in 2010, selling owl-themed hair accessories. Unicorn horns followed after her daughter, Bee, asked for a unicorn-themed fourth birthday party several years back, reports DNAinfo.

When asked why unicorns seem so popular lately, Bruce replied, "Unicorns are having a moment because they represent something fun and magical, and everyone can use more fun and magic in their lives." 

The store will sell the whole Brooklyn Owl line, which, along with several colors of unicorn horns, includes reusable "Unicorn-Fetti," mermaid hair clips, "sparkle skirts," and colorful garland and cake toppers. Visitors will shop and transform while smelling a "unicorn magical" scent, a custom-designed cologne available for purchase, reports DNAinfo.

mom and daughter annie and bee bruce                                                                                                 Courtesy Michelle Danahy

Brooklyn Owl co-owner Annie Bruce with her daughter, Bee, who prompted her mom to start creating unicorn crafts for her unicorn-themed birthday. 

Brooklyn Owl's unicorn horns are handmade and attached to elastic headbands. They come in a variety of colors such as Sparkle Aqua, Sparkle Gold, Sparkle Rainbow, and Sparkle Hot Pink. The horns also come in a variety of sizes big and small for all ages, from mini and tween to pony and horse size (no joke—you can own a unicorn).

"Our unicorn horns are very popular now because they make people happy when they wear them, and it makes others happy when they see a unicorn walking down the street, whether it's a child, adult, or a dog-unicorn," Bruce says.

Brooklyn Owl is located at 252 Flatbush Ave. in Park Slope and has its grand opening on May 6. Can't wait? Visit Brooklyn Owl's website to find the perfect unicorn horn for your child—or yourself.

young girl with puppy wearing unicorn horns                                                                                                 Courtesy Taylor Bringard

Does anyone else want a unicorn pup? 

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Main image: Annie Bruce, co-owner of Brooklyn Owl, poses in front of the soon-to-open store in Park Slope.
Courtesy Michelle Danahy

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